Back on Snow – Mike Kleist testing Swing Mirage┬ápresents: Mike Kleist after 2 year break due to an accident – finally back on skies and in the air. Testflying MIRAGE by SWING. Awesome wing! Biggest range ever (from dive to glide) – great speed and a lot of power on the breaks. Very controllable handling.

Human Flight Family Freestyle – Back in the AIR

Human Flight Family – FSC Remscheid Freestyle Team 2012. 1st training jumps after 20 months break due to injury. Finally back in the AIR.

By the way: my first Freestyle Training jump EVER!

Music by Mike Kleist and Gawan Puenzl – “Cloudrush” presents Speedflying with the Swing Speedflying Team.
Location: Stubaital 11er
Videoedit by Mike Kleist


Swooping Blindman Freestyle Mike Kleist (“Spectacular”)

Freestyle after Canopy Piloting World Championships 2008 in South Africa.
Mike Kleist performing a Blindman Freestyle move. Camera by Bernhard Steiner


Mountain Swooping the Swiss Alps

Mountain Swooping famous Swiss Mountains like Eiger, Glacier Landings, Lake Swoops, smoke and much more.

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